2018 Flux EM1 Community EV Package Order Form

  • The 2018 Flux EM1 Community EV Package is $2,500 plus taxes, title and registration.
  • The Community EV Package is a $200 savings if all accessories were purchased a la carte
  • A $1,000 down payment is taken upon order
  • Residual payment is due upon delivery
  • Expected delivery date is August, 2018
  • The Community EV Package includes the HJC CS-5N helmet, Shad SH-29 Top Case, Rapid Transit Deluxe Commuter 100% Waterproof Cover, delivery and the services of our "Protective Bubble".
  • If you would like to make any changes to the package, please inform the Flux representative.

Due to regulatory requirement, the Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract must be signed before we can take down payment. We ask you to please fill out the below form and we will send the required paperwork and a digital invoice within 2 hours of receipt. We accept all major credit cards as well as payment by personal check.

Please select the EM1 color that you would like from the following options:
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We ask for you to provide your name, contact information and address so we can fill out the motor vehicle purchase contract to expedite the process.
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