2018 Flux EM1 


Your purchase comes with:

  • The Flux EM1

  • 25 mile range*

  • 1 charger with a 3 hour charge time

  • A strong warranty

  • Free Delivery**

To view the accessories that are offered for the Flux EM1, please click HERE.

Available colors include: Silver, Crimson Red, Titanium Yellow, Midnight Blue, Medium Taupe, Black. (Medium Taupe and Black are not shown in photos.)

To keep the price as low as possible the Flux EM1 is manufactured to order. A $1,000 down payment is taken upon order, with the residual payment due upon delivery. Upon order, a motor vehicle purchase contract is signed to solidify the order terms. Regular updates are provided during the entire production process.

This price does not include taxes, title and registration. For clients in Wisconsin, we title and register the vehicle on your behalf at time of delivery.

*This price includes 1 battery with a 25 mile range. The 2nd battery to extend the range to 50 miles per charge is available for purchase.

**Free Delivery is available to all clients in the state of Wisconsin. Delivery to other states will be kept as low as possible and will vary by state.