After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Co-Founder and CEO Matt Brueggeman moved to Beijing, China. While living there, he saw scores of small electric vehicles on the road and how they dramatically affected the way people moved and saw the world. In addition to the cost savings, ease of operation and the obvious environmental benefits, Brueggeman, along with fellow co-founder Alex Meyer, believed that introducing small electric vehicles in the United States could represent something greater. As small electric vehicles are built exclusively for short distance transportation, upon riding a small electric vehicle cultural focus naturally shifts from the individual to being a member of the local community. With that as the source of our drive, Flux Mopeds was born.

Flux believes in a balanced and pragmatic application of technology. As our flagship vehicle, the Flux EM1 is built to be the optimal balance of range, charge time and speed for short distance transportation. On our way to getting to today, we have built three generations of the Flux EM1 and are now building the fourth generation model. The Flux EM1 is reliable because of all of our work in development and our accomplishments prove it:

  • Hundreds of thousands of miles ridden

  • Over 75% of the Flux EM1's components are Flux intellectual property

  • Vehicle power train proven to be virtually maintenance free

  • High resale value for vehicles in good condition

  • The battery is so reliable it is warrantied with battery replacement by the manufacturer for two years

The Flux EM1 is on the road in 15 states!