Common Sense

It makes no sense to drive a half mile to get a quart of milk. Our clients, who live in both small communities and urban areas alike, tell us that the Flux EM1 makes sense as a vehicle for around town, which allows them to get rid of the expense of a second car.



Richard A
(Madison, WI)

The Flux EM1 is perfect for the two mile bubble in which I live, work, play and study. I ride it to work out, catch a concert, go to the library and to meet up with friends. The only time I use my car is to drive out of town to see family.


Alex M
(Chicago, IL)

I live downtown and I get everywhere on my Flux EM1 (i.e., grocery store, appointments, friend’s houses, the beach, etc). I can zip in and out of city traffic and parking is easy. Rain has never been a problem and the winter is fine as long as the roads are clear. I have zero reason to own a car.


Kris B
(Beaver Dam, WI)

The Flux EM1 is perfect for my little community. Beaver Dam, at about 6 square miles, is too big to walk but it doesn’t make sense to drive to a lot of places. The Flux EM1 fills the gap nicely. I have used it nearly every day for over three years, even in the winter.

If you only travel a few miles to get around town, the Flux EM1 can work for you too!