2019 Flux EM1

The perfect balance of range, charge time and speed for short distance transportation.



Top Speed is 38 mph

The top speed of 38 mph is perfect for both neighborhood streets as well as keeping up with cars on busier roads. Acceleration is very responsive but also smooth.



Up to a 50 mile range

With 2 lithium-ion batteries, the range is up to 50 miles per charge. Even with 1 battery at 25 miles per charge, most clients only need to charge once a week.



Battery charges at a normal outlet

The removable lithium-ion battery plugs into a normal outlet and charges in approximately three hours. That means the process is very simple for you to do at home, so charging at a charging station is not necessary.


Virtually Maintenance free

Reliable production combined with an electric power train means the Flux EM1 is virtually maintenance free. Most of our clients have reported that annual checkups are not required!



The flux EM1 can fit anywhere

Parking, it can fit anywhere. Depending on local regulation you may be able to park at bike racks, but parking on the street is convenient too as 6 Flux EM1s can fit in a standard parking spot.


Whisper Quiet

During operation, the maximum noise level is 30dB where conversational speech is 60dB. The motor is literally whisper quiet so you can enjoy nature while riding.



Excellent Torque

The excellent torque of the hub mounted brushless DC electric motor climbs hills with ease. Even our clients in San Francisco and Seattle have been satisfied.



Comfortably sized

The Flux EM1 is comfortably sized so you can feel secure but it is still light enough so that it is easy to maneuver.


Braking is incredibly responsive

The front and rear disc brakes, combined with brake regeneration, are incredibly responsive. The Flux EM1 stops on a dime.


Accurate range estimate

The digital display gives an accurate range estimate so you never need to worry about running out of juice.





A quality vehicle has a strong warranty

The warranty for the motor and controller is 3 years. The warranty for the battery, charger and all other non-consumables is 2 years.



it is legal to ride, of course!

The Flux EM1 can be registered, titled and insured in all 50 states.