Fun and Easy To Park

Our clients tell us that commuting short distances in a car is annoying because it can be difficult to park and, frankly, a little boring.

The Flux EM1 is fun to ride and fits everywhere, which means you will have more fun with less hassle.



problem #1: Parking a car is Expensive

I live four miles from my work. Driving, I’d have to pay 12 bucks a day for parking. The bus is slow and infrequent. The Flux EM1 is the perfect fit. It’s easy and saves both time and money.
— Matt B (Madison, WI)

Problem #2: offices have limited parking

Driving, I need to make sure that I get to work early as my company’s parking lot fills up. The Flux EM1 solves that problem and gives me more freedom in the morning.
— Matt S (Pasadena, CA)


problem #3: Commuting in a car is boring

I love my Flux EM1! It’s easy to ride, I don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot because it fits everywhere, and the removable battery makes recharging simple. My commute is actually fun and enjoyable now instead of the tedious and frustrating slog it used to be.
— Isabel S (Seattle, WI)

If you can take surface roads to work and your commute is less than seven miles, the Flux EM1 can work for you too!