Q: Why don't you call the Flux EM1 a moped or a scooter?

A: We did call the Flux EM1 a moped for a long time but found that the term does not do the Flux EM1 justice. In our conversations we discovered that many people do not really know what a moped or a scooter is. Is it a motor vehicle? What speed does it go? Does it have pedals? Is it a toy for children? A lot of people were confused.

The Flux EM1 is a vehicle built specifically for short distance transportation around your community. It is great for commuting as well as getting around town. The Flux EM1 is your local ride.

Q: Where is the Flux EM1 produced?

A: The short answer is that the Flux EM1 is engineered in the United States and assembled in China. However, to give this question a just answer we must expand upon our story a little.

Flux began with a conversation over a beer in Beijing, China during the 2008 Olympics. Our co-founders saw the sheer amount of small electric vehicles on the road in Beijing and brainstormed how the concept could work in the United States.

That fateful conversation kicked off a 10-year odyssey to bring us where we are today. There are many stories to tell and many goals achieved, but over this period one of our major accomplishments is that we have developed a reliable small electric vehicle with a power train that is virtually maintenance free.

There are a number of “electric mopeds” available in China but we determined early on that we could not directly import because of a vastly different “culture” of quality. In China, if a bracket breaks the rider takes it to the guy on the corner to fix but in the US it is considered a serious liability concern. We needed to control our own engineering, which is not sexy but vital to producing a vehicle upon which our clients can rely.

Our engineering accomplishments include:

  • Hundreds of thousands of miles ridden

  • Over 75% of the Flux EM1’s components are Flux Intellectual property

  • Vehicle power train has proven to be virtually maintenance free

  • The battery is so reliable the manufacturer warranties it with battery replacement for two years

Our goal is to assemble in the United States. We are currently located in a manufacture ready facility that we plan to be our production hub. However, to be able to assemble the Flux EM1 in the United States and maintain our current price, we have to increase our volume. We are working on it!

Q: As Flux has production in China, has the “trade war” affected Flux’s pricing?

A: The “trade war” has affected the entire global trade system but we have not increased our price. The reason is that we have to remain competitive with the gas market to be taken seriously in the mainstream. We therefore have absorbed the increased cost. However, the “trade war” has caused us to make one adjustment. We have increased the down payment paid at time of order from $1,000 to $1,100 but the Flux EM1’s price has remained at $2,400.

Q: What about riding in the winter in the northern states?

A: Originally, we were quite concerned with winter operation but years of experience has shown that the impact is quite small. We have found that the greatest concern in winter is snow and road condition, not temperature. We can't recommend riding any two-wheel vehicle in snow, but with clear roads we have a number of clients that ride twelve months a year.

Q: Can I buy an EM1 if I don't live in Wisconsin?

A: Yes. Flux has sold a number of EM1s out of state. We ship it to you and you are responsible for registering it in your state and paying sales tax. 

Q: How is the Flux EM1 shipped?

A: The Flux EM1 is shipped in a steel crate on a pallet. We provide easy to follow instructions for how to deconstruct the crate and dispose of the shipping material for your convenience. If you are interested in our “white glove” service, which includes unpacking and debris removal, please inquire at time of order.

Q: Can the Flux EM1 be titled and registered?

A: Yes. The Flux EM1 has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and can be titled and registered in all 50 states.

Q: Can the Flux EM1 be insured?

A: Yes, the Flux EM1 can be insured by all major carriers.

Q: Is the Flux EM1 100% electric?

A: Yes. The Flux EM1 is 100% electric. It is not a hybrid and doesn't use any gasoline.

Q: Do you need a motorcycle's license?

A: No. In most states the Flux EM1 is considered a "moped" and a drivers license is satisfactory. Please check with your state's DOT to confirm.

Q: What is the Flux EM1's maximum speed?

A: The maximum speed is 38 mph. Most state's require that a "moped's" speed be regulated to 30 mph, but each state's laws are different.

Q: Is a passenger allowed to ride behind the rider?

A: The Flux EM1 is built for two people. However, you must first check with your state's DOT as each state's law varies in regards to if a "moped" is allowed to have a rider with a passenger or just one rider.