Yes. The Flux EM1 is 100% electric. It is not a hybrid and doesn't use any gasoline.

Is the Flux EM1 100% electric?


Yes. The Flux EM1 has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and can be titled and registered in all 50 states.

Can the Flux EM1 be titled and registered?


As the Flux EM1 is included in the Kelly Blue Book it can be insured by all major carriers.

Can the Flux EM1 be insured?


No. In most states the Flux EM1 is considered a "moped" and a drivers license is satisfactory to ride. Please check with your state's DOT to confirm.

Do you need a motorcycle's license?


The maximum speed is 38 mph. Most state's require that a moped's speed be regulated to 30 mph, but each state's laws are different.

What is the Flux EM1's maximum speed?


The Flux EM1 is built for two people. However, you must first check with your state's DOT as each state's law varies in regards to if a "moped" is allowed to have a rider with a passenger or just one rider.

Is a passenger allowed to ride behind the rider?


Yes. Flux has sold a number of mopeds out of state. We ship it to you and you are responsible for registering it in your state and paying sales tax. 

Can I buy a moped if I don't live in Wisconsin?


The Flux EM1 uses a proprietary, rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

What type of battery does the moped use?


Yes. The battery is managed and protects from over and under voltage. It also has thermal protection.

Is there a Battery Management System?



Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt

What is the composition of the battery?