Q: Is the Flux EM1 100% electric?

A: Yes. The Flux EM1 is 100% electric. It is not a hybrid and doesn't use any gasoline.

Q: Can the Flux EM1 be titled and registered?

A: Yes. The Flux EM1 has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and can be titled and registered in all 50 states.

Q: Can the Flux EM1 be insured?

A: Yes, the Flux EM1 can be insured by all major carriers.

Q: Do you need a motorcycle's license?

A: No. In most states the Flux EM1 is considered a "moped" and a drivers license is satisfactory. Please check with your state's DOT to confirm.

Q: What is the Flux EM1's maximum speed?

A: The maximum speed is 38 mph. Most state's require that a moped's speed be regulated to 30 mph, but each state's laws are different.

Q: Is a passenger allowed to ride behind the rider?

A: The Flux EM1 is built for two people. However, you must first check with your state's DOT as each state's law varies in regards to if a "moped" is allowed to have a rider with a passenger or just one rider.

Q: Can I buy an EM1 if I don't live in Wisconsin?

A: Yes. Flux has sold a number of EM1s out of state. We ship it to you and you are responsible for registering it in your state and paying sales tax. 

Q: What type of battery does the moped use?

A: The Flux EM1 uses a proprietary, rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

Q: Is there a Battery Management System?

A: Yes. The battery is managed and protects from over and under voltage. It also has thermal protection.

Q: What is the composition of the battery?

A: Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (LiNiMnCo)