Is the Flux Moped 100% Electric?

Yes, the Flux Moped is 100% electric. It is not a hybrid and doesn’t use any gasoline.

Is it easy to obtain a license plate?

Yes! Because each Flux Moped is manufactured in accordance with all Federal and State quality standards we can issue a license plate right at the time of purchase.

How fast does the moped go?

30 miles per hour on flat ground. The top speed is governed by the department of transportation, any faster and you need to obtain a motorcycle license.


Can you sell mopeds out of state?

Yes, we have sold Flux mopeds in numerous states and are always looking to add more states to our list!

Can you arrange to ship mopeds?

Yes, Flux can arrange shipment on your behalf and send you a moped that is ready to ride with no assembly required.


How far can you go on a single charge?

The short answer is 25 to 30 miles. The long answer is that it depends on riding style, terrain and temperature. Riding on flat ground with no abrupt acceleration and deceleration will maximize battery life. Cold weather will reduce distance traveled on a single charge by as much as 30%, hot weather does not noticeably affect the battery.

The Flux Moped also has space for an optional second battery, this battery run in parallel and extends the range to 50 miles per charge.

What type of battery does the moped use?

The Flux Moped uses a proprietary, rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Is the battery heavy? Can I remove it?

The battery is very light and can be carried with one hand. It is located under the seat and easily removable for charging, storage, or security.

For added convenience an optional canvas carrying case is available for the battery which makes it even more comfortable to carry.


How long does it take to charge?

The 3 Amp charger included with the purchase price will charge the battery from empty to full in approximately 8 hours with normal household electricity.

An optional 5 Amp charger is available for purchase and will charge the battery in 5 hours.

Is there a Battery Management System (BMS)?

Yes, the battery is managed and protects from over and under voltage. It also has thermal protection.

What is the composition of the battery?


Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt