Everyone experiences their community differently. Whether your interest be convenience, a closer connection with the neighborhood or just plain fun, with the Flux EM1 you individualize your experience in the way only you can.

The Flux EM1 is perfect for the two mile bubble in which I live, work, play and study. I ride it to work out, catch a concert, go to the library and to meet up with friends. The only time I use my car is to drive out of town to see family.
— Richard Attix (Madison, Wi)

How do you hyperlocal?

  • "It's my primary commuter to and from work, which is about 5 miles round trip."
  • "I cruise to and from the grocery store every day. It's only a mile but it's too far to walk and this way I don't need a car!"
  • "I ride all over town, including to all of my appointments and to see my brother."
  • "I take it to class which saves me 20 minutes of walking each way."
  • "I live in a gated community and I use it to cruise around and visit friends."
  • "I bought one with my two roommates. It's super convenient for me to take it to a regular appointment but I only go once a month. I'd never get one on my own but having access is great the day I need it!"
  • "I use it on vacation. I'm an avid RVer and I ride it around the RV camp sites." 
  • "It is my primary vehicle. I ride everyday, including to take my son to school."
  • "I'm retired and I just like to cruise around  my community on a nice day."
  • "I love it because I can ride by my local shops. Stopping to pop in a lot easier than if I had to find parking each time."
  • "I take it the barber. It's an awkward distance: a 20 minute walk, difficult to park and there is no direct bus."
  • "I use it for work to get to client meetings."
  • "I work at home so my daily ride to get lunch is the only time I get out!"