Our Story

Flux began with a conversation over a beer in Beijing, China during the 2008 Olympics. Our co-founders saw the sheer amount of small electric vehicles on the road in Beijing and brainstormed how the concept could work in the United States.

That fateful conversation kicked off a 10-year odyssey to bring us where we are today. There are many stories to tell*, but over this period we have accomplished 2 basic goals. We have developed:

  1. A reliable small electric vehicle with a power train that is virtually maintenance free

  2. A business model tailored for small electric vehicles

There are a number of “electric mopeds” available in China but we determined early on we could not directly import because of a vastly different “culture” of quality. In China, if a bracket breaks the rider takes it to the guy on the corner to fix but in the US it is considered a serious liability concern. We needed to control our own engineering, which is not sexy but vital to producing a vehicle upon which our clients can rely.

Our engineering accomplishments include:

  • Hundreds of thousands of miles ridden

  • Over 75% of the Flux EM1’s components are Flux Intellectual property

  • Vehicle power train has proven to be virtually maintenance free

  • High resale value for used Flux EM1s in good condition

  • The battery is so reliable the manufacturer warranties it with battery replacement for two years

You may ask, how we kept at it for so long? The source of our drive has been our deeply held belief that small electric vehicles make common sense for short distance transportation and are critical to the economic and environmental sustainability of local communities.

* If you are interested, ask sometime!

The Flux EM1 is on the road in 15 states!