My name is Matt Brueggeman, Co-Founder and CEO of Flux. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, my family had 3 large SUVs for 3 people. Regardless if we were hauling concrete, which to be honest I only did once, or driving three blocks to see a friend, we drove. Want a coffee? Jump in the car. It was the way I interacted with the outside world.

After college, I moved to Beijing, China and discovered that isn’t the way it is everywhere. The sheer amount of small electric vehicles on the road was awe inspiring. My co-founders and I opened Flux because we wanted to help change the culture in America by giving people another option. Upon opening in 2014 our focus was first to talk with people, listen and learn about the problems they experience.  We let the market lead the way and began to see sales all across the country in places that we originally didn’t expect (e.g., Cleveland, up state New York and in small towns most people have never heard of like Newburg, WI). Despite seeming to be completely random at first glance, we connected the dots and discovered a pattern.

There is a similar sense among people around the country that getting in the car and going, no matter the destination, is just the way it is. Every single day people deal with silly problems related to short distance transportation. Whether it be parking, traffic congestion, maintenance, or expense, the examples are varied but the story is the same. It doesn’t make sense to drive a 4,000 lb vehicle a mile to get a quart of milk.

A car makes sense for long distance transportation (e.g., seeing family on the weekends, going fishing, etc.). Cars do not make sense for short distance transportation, but the Flux EM1 does. It solves annoying problems as a fun vehicle for riding around your community that is virtually maintenance free and easy to park. The Flux EM1 is your local ride.