The perfect balance

The Flux EM1 tops out at 38 mph, travels up to 50 miles per charge and charges at a normal outlet. It is virtually maintenance free and easy to park.


Technical Specifications

Not everyone is excited by technical details but they are very important to know. We include all of the crucial minutiae in the Flux EM1 specification sheet.


worth the wait

The Flux EM1 doesn’t need service so standard gas vehicle dealerships need to charge you a higher sale price to cover their expenses. This doesn’t make sense so we manufacture to order, saving you money.


Flux is reliable

When providing our customers service, Flux doesn't look to the low bar set by our competition but rather sets our own bar. We work to distinguish ourselves in every facet of our business.


Here to serve

The Flux EM1 is a common sense solution for annoying short distance transportation problems. Keeping to this theme, we approach every aspect of the services we provide with the same logic.