To keep our price as low as possible, we manufacture to order which results in a lead time of 2-3 months. We understand that nobody likes to wait, so we do everything in our power to make it up to you! 


Our clients tell us that the most important part to manufacturing to order is clarity in the process and we listen!

  • Pricing clarity: there are absolutely no surprises and no administrative fees.
  • State of order clarity: We provide a visual progression of the order so you know where the order is in the process.
  • Owner's Manual: I mean, of course!
  • Safety video: You know the safety videos you see on a plane? We provide one of those to teach you a few tips that will keep you safe on the road.
  • Out of state: We are here to serve you wherever you are located. Shipping options are available to all 50 states. 
  • Vehicle Registration: Each vehicle in Wisconsin is sold registered and titled. For out of state sales, we provide detailed assistance with research for vehicle registration.

Continued Service

When you receive your Flux EM1, we don't disappear. We are always with you to make sure you continue to love your Flux EM1.

  • Ownership best practices: We provide detailed suggestions that will ensure that your EM1 stays in new condition.
  • Parts Service: We actively maintain an inventory of all consumable and non-consumable parts so you will never have to wait for a part!
  • Monthly newsletter: We provide reminders because you are busy and it's easy to forget simple things that keep your EM1 looking new.
  • Check ins: We check in once a quarter to see how everything is going.
  • Direct line of communication: We are interested in your feedback and want to know your suggestions for future vehicle development.
  • Access to all new updates: All updates are backwards compatible so you can get exclusive access to new technology as it becomes available.
  • 2nd hand sales: If you ever decide to sell your Flux EM1, we are here to help you.
  • Rapid Response: We get back to all e-mails and phone messages immediately.