Post 1 - Introduction to Scott Christensen of Elmhurst, IL

Hello. Thanks for visiting this blog where I intend to relay elements of my journey to research and purchase a Flux EM1 electric scooter as a primary means of transportation in my home town of Elmhurst, IL. But first, a little about myself.  

I’m Scott Christensen, 57, and live in Elmhurst, IL in the western suburbs of Chicago. I work for Olenick, a QA & Testing company based in Chicago, and I ride the METRA daily in my commute from Elmhurst. I am a veteran commuter, taking either CTA or METRA trains for my daily commute for the past 30 years. My three kids went to York High school, and our family is active in the community.   

Some time last year, I began to research alternative means of transportation, with an active focus into mopeds and scooters. My youngest daughter is in college, studying to be an athletic teacher. She had needs for transportation throughout the day as part of her program. As I looked at the alternatives, I could not bring myself to buy another gas vehicle that frankly, I barely use. Yet I needed a solution to my daily short distance transportation needs to and from my home to the METRA station, and for basic around-town use.   

In this blog series, I intend to relay the details of my journey to solve my transportation challenge in a convenient, economical, sustainable and fun way. In future posts, I’ll cover tech specs and stats for the gear heads out there, as well as my “day in the life” happenings that I hope you’ll all enjoy. Along the way, we’ll have a little fun, and a few laughs. I look forward  to having you along for the ride.