Post 5 - Electric Scooters Rock!

In my last post, I described my decision to look at “mid-range” scooters and getting my Class L license in Illinois. I went to a couple of scooter stores, looked at what was available, and test rode a few scooters. Meanwhile, I had been reading about electric scooters. I had come across an article by Micah Toll, a guy that evaluates these things all of the time. In this article, he talks about a company called Flux, based in Madison, WI. I took a look at their website, and thought their stuff looked pretty cool. I gave them a call, and arranged to make the two-hour drive to Madison that Saturday. Matt, the CEO of Flux greeted me when I arrived, and gave me a bit more history about Flux and their philosophy in solving the short distance transportation needs of those like me. I became more intrigued as I spoke with Matt, and was eager for my test drive. Matt fixed me up with a cool, black Flux EM1, gave me a few pointers and I was off. The first thing I noticed was the immediate, smooth acceleration. I felt like I did zero to 30 mph in just a few seconds, but it was smooth, controlled acceleration that I was completely comfortable with. The Flux EM1 will get up to 38 mph - I got it up to 30 easily and could have gone faster (I weigh in at 170) but decided not to push it. I was having plenty of fun already. The second thing I noticed about the Flux EM1 was how quiet it is. I could literally accelerate from zero to 30 with barely a sound, and still hear birds chirping as I rode along.  

While I was tempted to keep driving around in fantasy land like that dude in the hilarious Geico motorcycle insurance commercials, I returned the Flux EM1 to Matt a few minutes later. I had to admit it - I was hooked and decided right then and there that my scooter purchase would be an electric scooter, and specifically a Flux EM1. It just made sense as the ideal solution for my short distance transportation needs. I wrote a review of my experience with Matt and my ride on the EM1 on Google Maps before I even left their parking lot.

In my next post, I'll cover the excitement of my Flux EM1 delivery, and the beginning of my journey using a Flux EM1 for my daily short distance transportation needs around Elmhurst.  

-Scott Christensen