It makes no sense to drive a car a half mile to buy a quart of milk

Our clients tell us that the Flux EM1 makes sense for short distances because it is fun to ride, hassle-free and easy to park

I love my Flux EM1! It’s easy to ride, I don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot because it fits everywhere, and the removable battery makes recharging simple. My commute is actually fun and enjoyable now instead of the tedious and frustrating slog it used to be.
— Isabel S (Seattle, WA)
The Flux EM1 is perfect for the two mile bubble in which I live, work, play and study. I ride it to work out, catch a concert, go to the library and to meet up with friends. The only time I use my car is to drive out of town to see family.
— Richard A (Madison, WI)
The Flux EM1 has been great for my daily commute. Driving, I needed to make sure that I get to work early as my company’s parking lot fills up. The Flux EM1 solves that problem and gives me more freedom in the morning. I have not driven my car to work for about a month.
— Matt S (Los Angeles, CA)
The Flux EM1 is perfect for my little community. Beaver Dam, at about 6 square miles, is too big to walk but it doesn’t make sense to drive to a lot of places. The Flux EM1 fills the gap nicely. I have used it nearly every day for over three years, even in the winter. In the winter I typically ride any day it is above 40 degrees and the road is clear.
— Kris B (Beaver Dam, WI)
The Flux EM1 is my primary vehicle. It has plenty of range for both my commute and a day’s worth of errands all over town on a single charge. It is nimble and lightweight, but powerful enough for the steepest hills. I purchased from out of state and was a little worried about getting service, but Matt and the team have been great, answering all of my questions very quickly.
— Susan B (San Francisco, CA)
I live downtown and I get everywhere on my Flux EM1 (i.e., grocery store, appointments, friend’s houses, the beach, etc). I can zip in and out of city traffic and parking is easy. Rain has never been a problem and the winter is fine as long as the roads are clear. I have zero reason to own a car.
— Alex M (Chicago, IL)
I commute every day to work on my Flux EM1. My work is less than a mile from my house and I could walk but having the EM1 allows me to get home, pick something up and get back to work in less than 5 minutes, which is very nice. Also, my son uses it weekly for his paper route because it has the agility of a bicycle but is much more efficient and not as tiring.
— Steve S (Newburg, WI)
We purchased two Flux EM1s, one for myself and one for my wife, and we both love it. Riding the Flux EM1 gives us mobility to get around our community. We have found that riding the EM1 we are much more likely to pop out to the store on a daily basis and pick up a few items, which is a lot better than dreading one big shop to restock every once in a while.
— Andrew Y (Chapel Hill, NC)
I live four miles from my work. Driving, I’d have to pay 12 bucks a day for parking. The bus is slow and infrequent. The Flux EM1 is the perfect fit. It’s easy and saves both time and money.
— Matt B (Madison, WI)
I love my Flux EM1. It’s the most fun vehicle I’ve every had. It’s a trouble-free vehicle but Flux Motors has been there for me when I needed them, like once when I had a flat tire. They provide great support when my EM1 was new and that has continued, now into the third year.
— Tom H (Madison, WI)

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