Innovation is not just about technology

A standard gas vehicle dealership makes a large percentage of its income off of vehicle service. Just think, on a normal Tuesday at a car dealership how many people are buying cars versus how many people are getting their car serviced? It’s not even close. Because the Flux EM1 is virtually maintenance free and does not need regular service, a standard gas vehicle dealership will make far less money on service than with gas vehicles. Therefore, to maintain their operation and carry the Flux EM1 they have to significantly increase the sale price of the vehicle. To offer the convenience of immediate delivery through a dealership, we would have to charge you far more for the Flux EM1 than you should have to pay. We do not believe that makes sense.

To solve this problem, we manufacture to order and ship directly to you. This means that the Flux EM1 has a lead time of up to 70 days. It is a wait, but proceeding in this manner will save you upwards of $1,000. We understand that waiting is not ideal so we do everything possible to give you peace of mind and make the Flux EM1 worth the wait.

our offer

  • Flat Rate Shipping: We work with a home delivery service that ships the Flux EM1 to your door. Leveraging Flux’s volume, we are able to provide very competitive flat rate pricing. Please contact us for details.

  • Transparent Process: We ask for a down payment and in exchange we give you absolute clarity on what is going on during every single step of the order process.

  • Delivery Date Protection: At time of order we sign the Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract that protects you. If we miss the estimated delivery date by more that 15 days, we are required to offer you the option of cancelling the order.

  • Up front: Flux does not charge for administrative fees, e.g., the industry standard registration "Convenience Fee"

  • Reliable vehicle: We are different and we prove it. The Flux EM1 is backed by a very strong warranty.

  • Stellar customer service: Service should be provided, not paid for. We provide a suite of services to make your life easier.

  • Street Pilot: Flux understands that an excited and happy client is our best sales person. We provide a $100 commission for each successful sales referral.