We treat everyone in a respectful, friendly and sincere manner

There are a number of options for short distance transportation, both gas and electric, available for a very low price. It is easy to get enamored with low price and buy, but for many that has proven to be a fateful decision bringing much frustration.


These are actual stories about how the other guys treated friends of ours.

  • "I was riding down the road and a welded piece broke and actually fell off my moped."

  • "I bought a direct import Chinese gas scooter and I couldn't get it started because it was flooded. The dealer I bought it from said 'it is your vehicle, it is your problem' and charged me to fix it.

  • "I bought an electric scooter online but there was some issue with the paperwork so I could not get it registered. It was a complete waste."

  • "We loved our electric bike but couldn't keep it because ordering parts was very difficult and took forever."

  • "I found a gas moped that I wanted for $1900. I decided to buy but on the contract the price was $2600! There were a ton of hidden fees. Unprofessional."

  • "I got an electric scooter that was 500 watts and it didn't have the power to get up hills. The first time it took me off guard and I had to walk it up the hill!"


This is how we ensure our clients have a fun and hassle free experience.

  • Quality Control: We are process driven, have standards and enforce them. No exceptions, ever.

  • Reliability: Clients trust the EM1 to perform as advertised and our data proves that to be true. Clients regularly report that annual maintenance is not required. Just need to fill the tires!

  • Legitimate: It is amazing that we have to say this but Flux follows the law. The EM1 can be titled, registered and insured in all 50 states.

  • Parts Service: Any vehicle may need some service, so just in case we maintain a parts inventory in stock at all times.

  • Sincere: We believe in being straight forward and honest. No surprises. We provide all details you will need to make your decision in an upfront manner.

  • High Performance: The Flux EM1 has a 1492 Watt motor and can power up hills with ease. Even clients in San Francisco and Seattle have been satisfied!